LED Solutions

Below you will find a selection of common LED Replacement/Retrofit Solutions we normally have in stock.
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Philips Insta-Fit T8 LED Instantly efficient, instantly sustainable.
The world’s first LED replacement tube that requires no rewiring, MASTER LEDtube Value InstantFit is compatible with HF fixtures and drivers in linear fluorescent tube lighting. A simple switch that reduces the time it takes to replace fluorescent with LED to just a couple of minutes per fixture.
Spec Sheet
Ideal one-for-one replacement of conventional high bay systems such as HID and fluorescent. Applications include manufacturing, warehousing and other large indoor spaces with mounting heights up to 60'. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate.
The Contractor Select LED bay light gives budget-conscious customers a very reliable LED solution. In addition to its low initial cost, the ? xture saves up to 60% in energy costs over HID and also costs less to operate than popular ? uorescent products! When paired with occupancy sensors and dimming, you save even more energy and extend the ? xture life. With a diffuse lens to control glare, this ? xture is suitable for mounting heights from 10' to 45'. It is ideal in controlled environments such as light industrial and commercial spaces.
Slim 26
12, 18 and 26 Watt SLIM wallpacks are ultra efficient and deliver impressive light distribution with a compact low-profile design that's super easy to install as a downlight or uplight.
Slim 57
37, 57 and 62 Watt SLIM Wallpacks are designed to cover the footprint of most traditional wallpacks. They are suitable for mounting heights from 20' to 30', and replace HID Wattages from 200W MH to 320W MH. These ultra-high efficiency fixtures are available in cutoff or full cutoff models.
Rectangular shaped LED floodlight designed to replace 150W Metal Halide. Patent Pending airflow technology ensures long LED and driver lifespan. Use for building facade lighting, sign lighting, LED landscape lighting and instant-on security lighting.
The popular TWR1 luminaire is now available with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED technology. Featuring a classic dayform, the TWR1 LED offers a traditional appearance and is powered by advanced LEDs.
The TWR1 LED luminaire is powerful yet energy efficient, capable of replacing up to a 320W metal halide luminaire while saving up to 80% in energy costs. Offering an expected service life of more than 20 years, the TWR1 LED eliminates frequent lamp and ballast replacements associated with traditional technologies.
The Lithonia 6BP recessed LED module is the most economical means to create a well lit environment with exceptional energy efficiency and near zero maintenance. Great for retrofit into existing downlight cans or new construction and remodel applications. Unique torsion spring and friction clip retention allows fitment into nearly 100% of installed cans. The LED module maintains at least 70% light output for 50,000 hours.
Versi Lite
The Lithonia Versi Lite 7" Flash LED provides general illumination in commercial and residential applications. Ideal for use in closets, foyers, hallways, corridors, bedrooms, offices, utility work areas, stairways and much more.
Cooper Lighting Outdoor Security Designed for performance in a sleek, low profile die cast housing, these innovative LED light fixtures illuminate outdoor spaces creating unmatched safety and reliability.
Choose from Motion-Activated, Dusk-to-Dawn, or Floodlights in a range of lumen options to fit any application. These patent pending products are available in bronze and white and can be wall or eave mounted for entry ways, garages and corners.
ALL-PRO™ LED outdoor security lighting provides the safety of super bright lighting, energy savings up to 90%, and the convenience of one-time installation without re-lamping.
Cooper Lighting Dusk-to-Dawn New offering of ALL-PRO™ LED Area and Wall light with Dusk-to-Dawn photo control incorporates sustainable LED technology into an aesthetically pleasing fixture family.
LED Area and Wall light is a dependable and reliable security solution that provides nighttime ON and daytime OFF.
LED lighting provides the ability to truly install the fixture and walk away, while saving up to 90% in energy versus traditional light sources.
Cooper Lighting Halo Retro-Fit The Halo RL560 is a complete LED Baffle-Trim Module for 5” and 6” aperture recessed downlights; suitable for new construction, remodel and retrofit installation. The RL560 is cULus Listed for use with Halo and All-Pro, and is UL Classified for use with other compatible 5” and 6” housings. The RL560 with integral LED driver offers 120 volt dimming capability. The RL560 lens provides uniform illumination and wet location listing. The die-cast construction makes any housing AIR-TITE for added HVAC savings and code compliance.